Dear Publishers and Editors,
This is ZHAO Yating, the editor in chief from PNSO and Yiniao Sci-Art.
I am writing this email to invite you to PNSO's booth
on E1J14, the Beijing International Book Fair
to have a talk on copyright trading and business cooperations on children's books, toys, models and exhibitions from PNSO’s .
Please feel free to make an appointment with those new titles below.
I and PNSO's team look forward to seeing you at the Beijing International Book Fair!
I wish all the best for you. Thank you!
More infomation about PNSO and Yiniao Sci-Art, please visit our official website: and More recent news on


PNSO is an organization devoted to the creation of and research related to scientific art. The organization was founded in Beijing on June 1st, 2010, by Mr. ZHAO Chuang, a Scientific Artist, and Ms. YANG Yang, an author of scientific children’s books.
At its founding, PNSO launched its Scientific Art Projects Plan: The Stories on Earth (2010-2070). The plan follows a tradition of using scientific art to create a narrative. These narratives are based on the latest scientific research, focusing on the complex relationships between species, natural environments, communities, and cultures. The PNSO founders plan to spend 60 years creating works in and doing research on scientific art, and literature. They hope to share scientific knowledge through publications, exhibitions, and courses. Their overarching goal is to serve research institutions and the general public, especially young people.