Dedicated to
the one and only you
An illustrated novel about spiritual growth
by YANG Yang and ZHAO Chuang
The story is about Guanguan,
an 11-year-old girl who wants to have a special pet, a little T-Rex.

As long as you believe in love, justice and hard work,
the companionship of this T-rex will remain with you in your heart and will never leave you.
No matter how the world may change, hopefully your life will be like a fairy tale.
I firmlly believe that your T-Rex and you will become really good friends
and will face the unpredictable future together.

I Have a T-Rex
Illustrated by ZHAO Chuang
Written by YANG Yang
A PNSO Production
Binding Type Paperback
Size 130mm X 180mm
Total Pages 1152 (Total Set of 12 Books )
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